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Hello Neighbors,

We are all devastated by the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on our community, and the amazing residents here have wasted no time in rallying together to begin to rebuild our neighborhood. Please read through this document to familiarize yourself with the relief efforts that have been put in place, and share this document with all of your neighbors who may not receive it through the usual online channels. As the saying goes, "it takes a village", and we know that collectively, the families of Westchester, Nottingham Forest 8 and Thornwood will rally together to rebuild our beautiful neighborhoods!


We have been working to find the best way to meet the needs of our neighborhoods. Please use this Google Spreadsheet as a way to list needs or services that your family will need now or in the future. The Google Doc functions the same as any Excel spreadsheet, and can be accessed from a desktop, laptop or smart phone. When using a smart phone, it will help to download the 'Sheets' app for easier viewing and editing. *Please note - Anyone with the link is able to edit the sheet, and multiple users can edit the sheet at the same time. You do not need any special access. As such, please make an attempt to keep this spreadsheet within the confines of our residents.

Some examples are: transportation, car seats, cribs, clothes, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, ladders, saws, boat ride to property, food, charge device, extension cord, wash clothes, help pack items or physical labor to demo. Neighbors who are able to provide these supplies or services will respond by filling out their information next to your request in the spreadsheet.

When filling out the spreadsheet, please follow the directions below:

Tab 1 "Home Needs"

-Each person in need should fill out the spreadsheet for themselves (unless neighbor has no access to the sheet or needs tech assistance, in which case a neighbor can fill out on their behalf)

-Use one line for EACH item/service needed. (ex. Line 1 – extension cord; Line 2- rubber gloves, etc.)

-Do not delete any info in the spreadsheet.

-Info will automatically save (no need to search for a Save button!)

Responders who can help the neighbors in need:

-Do not fill in info for others unless they are with you/specifically request assistance.

-Do not delete info.

-Fill in all responder info.

- Contact the neighbor in need directly to arrange delivery of item or service -Mark an “X” in the column when a need/service has been met.

Tab 2 "Goods and Services Being Offered"

-Those with goods or services to offer, please list one item per line

-If you see something you need, contact the person offering it and put an X in the "Claimed" column

-Admins will periodically clear out the claimed items so the available ones are more visible

Link to sheet for neighbors in need: https://tinyurl.com/helpneighbors

If you have questions about the spreadsheet or how you can help those on the spreadsheet, contact Kristin Anderson, kristinlkanderson@gmail.com


Another way to help is by purchasing items needed to assist in cleanup. We have created an Amazon Wish List for you, your friends, family, co-workers, or others around the country to be able to help with some of the needs in our neighborhood. (This functions similarly to an online wedding gift registry). This is a generic wish list of items which will assist in cleanup efforts. You can purchase items on this list or use it as a guide to purchase things before returning to Houston.

Link to Amazon list: 

Jennifer Fitzjarrald in Nottingham Forest 8 has volunteered to receive the Amazon order items. Upon delivery, supplies will be staged at Central Command Center at the Westchester Pool Pavilion. For any questions regarding the Amazon shipments, you can contact Jennifer: jennfitzjarrald@gmail.com. For suggestions on things to add/change/delete from the Amazon Wish List, please contact Meg Maguire: megmaguire05@yahoo.com.

If you already know you have items that are listed on the Amazon wish list, you can bring them to the pool to be stored. (See below regarding "Central Command")


As items arrive from the Amazon Wish List or are donated by neighbors, they will be aggregated for distribution at the Westchester Pool Pavilion. Any resident of Westchester, Nottingham Forest 8 or Thornwood wishing to pickup supplies or donate supplies can access Central Command from 7am to 6pm each day. We will be looking for volunteers to work shifts at the pool to help distribute and track which items need to be resupplied. If you would like to volunteer at Central Command, please use this Signup Genius Link to sign up for a shift. For any questions regarding Central Command, please contact Ruth Parks: ruthparks@att.net.

Link to Signup Genius: http://tinyurl.com/supply-depot-volunteering


A storage drive is available and accessible to all residents to upload and store any pics or video footage taken. This will be helpful for all that need evidence for their claims. Please use the link to upload any pics and video of our neighborhoods.

Link to photo/video storage: http://tinyurl.com/Floodingpics

For more information, contact Meg Maguire: 


-SBISD has a new start date. School now strats back on Monday, September 11th

-Christ Memorial Lutheran is available all next week when school is not in session, for kids to be in playgroups, play in the gym, folks can charge their phones, free wi-fi, etc. 14200 Memorial Drive For more information, please contact the childcare contacts.


-File with FEMA ASAP - https://www.disasterassistance.gov | Additional Disaster Assistance Program Information (pdf)
-As soon as water recedes begin removal of anything wet.
-Use NIOSH N95 approved masks
-Begin ripping out drywall and anything potentially molded
-Clothes can be salvaged. Wash 3-4 times. When not washing place in a trash bag and place outside.
-Begin washing clothes now. Even if they aren’t wet.
-Dishes can be salvaged. Place in a plastic tub. We can ask SJV to let us run through a commercial dishwasher.
-Manpower will be key!

Document Resources *** NEW ***

- Flood Recovery Checklist (xlsx)
- Personal Property Inventory (xlsx)

Items that can help now:

-Help with transportation 
-N95 approved face masks
-Contractor size trash bags
-Worker gloves
-Disposable gloves (used to eat during a break)
-Folding tables (used to dry things out on or to place food/water for responders)
-Ice chests
-Plastic tubs (move items out of homes)
-Cardboard moving boxes once things are dry and can be moved
-Large dumpsters
-Push brooms
-Storage containers (PODS)
-Sanitizer and wipes to clean hands between cleaning
-Safety Goggles
-Mold suits
-Extension cords
-Bug spray
-Shop vac

Ways responders can help:

-Manpower (help rip out sheetrock, move trash to curb, put things in bins)
-Wash clothes (see info above)
-Help find a commercial grade dishwasher (local church) and wash dishes
-Bring ready to eat food to responders (chicken tenders, sandwich)
-Hand out disposable gloves to responders when they are ready to eat
-Bring gatorade (water tends to waterlog hot workers)
-Make a meal schedule
-If you have evacuated purchase items at Loews or Home Depot to bring back
-Help watch children for those that need to work in their home.

Thank you for helping our wonderful community in this time of need. 


Kristin Anderson 

Meg Maguire

Ruth Parks

 Primary Contact  Michelle Pendleton  281-556-5355  michelle.pendleton@gmail.com
 Community Care Program (Westchester)  Debbie Escher  281-531-4470  debbie.escher@gmail.com
 Community Care Program (NF VIII)  Sue Steinbis  281-793-8715  ssteinbis2@outlook.com
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