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A Great Place to Call Home

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Westchester RAP Newsletter

December RAP Now Available!
Helpful Contact Information also available.


WOC Board Meeting:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 6pm
Westchester Pool Pavilion

2016/2017 Community Calendar of Events
Includes Stratford Spartans Varsity Football Schedule, Stratford Playhouse Schedule, Spring Forest Playhouse Schedule, and Nottingham Elementary PTA Schedule.

Download the Calendar of Events

Water Line Replacement

The City of Houston is currently replacing the water lines in the Westchester area. New lines are being placed on the North side of the streets:

"Water lines will primarily be constructed by auguring method. This method minimizes impact to trees, landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, paved areas, and inconveniences to the residents... Once new lines are constructed, existing water lines will be cut, plugged and abandoned and service transferred to the new water lines."

"The proposed water line improvements are anticipated to meet or exceed water demands in the project area, improve water quality, and provide adequate fire protection."
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Memorial Drive Reconstruction

Rationale      Street Layout      Overhead View

These are preliminary proposals.  For a more complete presentation of the project, visit the Memorial Super Neighborhood web page at http://www.memorialsn.org/committees/infrastructure/cip-memorial-drive-reconstruction.


About Us

Westchester is a neighborhood of stately homes and mature trees located in West Houston's Energy Corridor south of I-10 between Memorial Drive and Terry Hershey Park.

Westchester is a member of the Memorial Super Neighborhood 16 Council.
Web site: www.memorialsn.org

Nottingham Elementary Spark Park

Deed Restrictions

Knowing the rules that govern your neighborhood is your responsibility. Read up on Westchester's by-laws, deed restrictions and the updated Architectural Control Committee's guidelines by visiting the Deed Restrictions web page.


Recommendations submitted by fellow homeowners for repairs, services, etc. can be found at Home Services.


HOA Management Company

Best Fit Solutions, LLC
11152 Westheimer, #705
Houston, TX 77042

Yard of the Month*

Take a look at our November 2016 winner!

Cornelius Nursery Good Neighbor Coupon is available! Download Coupon (Expires December 31, 2016)

* Yard of the Month is sponsored by Cornelius' Good Neighbor Program


Nextdoor Westchester

Residents can join the neighborhood's social networking site, Nextdoor Westchester, which is exclusive to Westchester residents only by signing up at westchester.nextdoor.com 

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